December 2011

CARTONI supports La Placa CANON DAYS, December 19th & 20th
For the Roman première presentation of the new C300.
You are all invited from 10am to 7pm in Val Trompia 12/18 & 24/40 - 00141 - Rom


Dicembre 2011

La Placa Canon Days in collaborazione con Cartoni Professional Camera Support
Ti aspettiamo Martedi 20 dicembre dalle 10.00 alle 19.00 da LA PLACA per la presentazione della nuova CANON C300 e del Cinema EOS.


December 2011

If you already own or plan to buy a Cartoni FOCUS HD to shoot lightweight 3D, here's StudioDaily's Review of the Panasonic HDC-Z10000 3D Camera by Barry Braverman:


The HDC-Z10000 is a compact, feature-laden 3D camera at an economical price that gives shooters optimal capability in a “normal” working range of six-to-eight feet. It should find ready acceptance among those working mostly interior scenes and interviews from 17 inches (.45m) out to 15 feet (3.5m).    More…..

November 2011

Success of the Cartoni Smart Head for Losmandy

A New Underslung/Overslung Head for small to mid-sized cameras; 
Ideally suited for use with a jib arm, the Cartoni Smart Head allows the operator to work freely under the jib arm 
from absolute ground level up to as high as one can reach without any obstruction from the arm itself.