March 2012

The new MASTER Mk2 is the ultimate CARTONI Fluid Head designed most specifically for HD applications, Film, ENG & EFP camera systems.
The Mk2 counterbalances very light cameras from 3 Kg (6.6 lbs) all the way to 30 Kg (66 lbs) making the Mk2 suitable from the smallest HDV camera to fully loaded RED, Alexa, F65, C300 (etc) cameras with all of the trimmings.
This new CARTONI counterbalance system is an evolution of the patented CARTONI “Wing” system and allows a perfect performance throughout the +/- 90 tilt range, with perfect stops at any angle.
The frictionless variable fluid modules perform a wide variety of fluid drag for the best smooth and precise movement in any shooting situation.
All operating knobs and levers are conveniently located and easy to reach with a special care for user-friendly ergonomics.
The MASTER Mk2 comes equipped with two telescopic pan bars, standard quick release sliding camera plate, (Eurostyle plate optional) illuminated spirit level and digital readouts for drag and counterbalance settings.
The Mk2 has a flat Mitchell standard base and an available 150mm bowl converter to make the Mk2 suitable for all leg options and dollies.

March 2012

The P50 Pedestal with a new detachable steering wheel:

For better logistics the P50 pedestal features a new concept of detachable steering wheel in order to reduce storage space and set-up timing. The steering wheel element is now clamped to the column via a bayonet   insert and secured by a locking knob.

Enhanced SpinHead with remote control motor kit:
The popular and versatile SpinHead is now convertible to a Remote Control Head with a set of motors which can be attached to the mechanical frame .The SpinHead Remote Control kit includes 2 motor units for pan and tilt movements, one cable video/power/data, one console unit, one power supply, one cable to the control device.
The new SpinHead can be operated by pan bar, wheel kit or joystick.

NEW ELEVATION COLUMN:This new CARTONI accessory is engineered for situations where a trip might too invasive in a narrow space as on a stadium grade or on reduced platforms on top of towers.Extremely rugged, the new Elevation column holds up to 150 kg, the height is adjustable with a crank within a stroke of 50 cm, the top platform accepts any Mitchell flat base head, Vinten 4 bore holes or ball base adapters.

March 2012

A few days ago ARRI held an a very successful open house at Rome's Cinecittà Studios to present the ALEXA - mounted on the new CARTONI MAXIMA-  and held a conference at the Sala Fellini to an audience of Director of Photography, film and television operators and enthusiast students from Scuola Nazionale di Cinema di Roma (Rome's film school). Several of the AIC – Italian DP Association – members attended as well as Raffaele Mertens, Gian Lorenzo Battaglia, Stefano Salemme, just to name a few.
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Febbraio 2012

Valentina Renzopaoli intervista Elisabetta Cartoni per RomaUno TV